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Mission: Purpose?

Who am I? Who do I want to be?  I did write about this kind of, in my last post which happens to have been way off on October 14, 2012.  Sorry about the wait, for any faithful followers I might have.  But even if I have no faithful followers, so be it!  Fortune and fame have their perks; they feed the ego perhaps, allowing more and more gain.  That is, at least until their downfalls, which are seen from some who reach certain levels of fame and fortune.  I’ll let you name examples, should you choose.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking for weeks about writing another blog post.  Christmas holidays seemed like a good time to work on writing one, and I did write.  I wrote a matter of maybe a sentence or two.  But there was a lot going on over the weeks with family and whatnot.  And let me tell you, where I spent the holiday was plenty busier than the place I tend to reside ever gets!  And, being that I’m an introvert, this might surprise you, but I enjoyed it!  However, I had times of uneasiness knowing I’d be asked what I was up to and where I’m going with my life.  It’s kind of To Be Determined, you could say.  I have a few things going on, but I’m not sure that the things that have been happening are what I want to potentially have going on in my life for the next potential 80+ years.  But for that matter, I could potentially have a day or less to live and therefore one year let alone 80 or more would be irrelevant.  Still, thinking of the future is good; I can have goals and have steps to take toward reaching said goals.  No one said I can’t live now, and have a vision for the future.  Even if they did, who am I to just do as what someone else says?  I admire those who don’t, so I can be one of them too, can’t I?  Sure, I respect the concerns of others who care and who want the best for me.  I’m open to other ideas, and maybe they’re right for me or maybe not.  I can try them out, see what happens.  Ultimately I little control over what happens, barring my own effort toward the making or breaking of it.

This reminds me of a line I’ve been told multiple times, that goes something like this:  “You do the natural, God will do the supernatural.”  Whether you call it God, the Divine, the Force, magic (though it’s kind of different than what many people would call magic), or anything else; there seems to be something from beyond that has a way of working things out sometimes.  It’s not really explainable, it just is.  It works with you.  So, let’s just do this.  It may or may not lead to anything or accomplish anything, but it might be the best thing I ever did too, time will tell.  Time is quite powerful, isn’t it?