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Addiction & Living

Lately I came across a video from a previously run late night show Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. I found it interesting what Slash said about drugs being deeply enmeshed in our society, that it’s everywhere. You can watch the conversation below, the comments from Slash about drugs being throughout society start around 2:50.

I also liked a line that Slash said Keith Richards once said, “I slept in a chandelier last night, but I still showed up on time.” Kind of an odd place to sleep, but it shows you have to be dedicated and be punctual in your work. People like others to be able to be counted on, to know they will keep their word and be there when they said they would be there. But that leads to some questions too.

Can you really truly be there, if you regularly do drugs or have a dependence on some kind of substance such that part of your mind is focused on getting your next drink or next fix? You’re looking forward to having the effects of the substance again once they have worn off, part of your mind (perhaps you could call it your egoic mind) is focused on covering up that suffering such that you have the effects again from the substance, no longer suffering withdrawal from the lack of effects. It’s difficult to be psychologically present with others if your mind is in a pattern of use, withdraw, need to use again. I would think that these different focuses take away from a sense of presence with people in the present moment, to use some of Eckhart Tolle’s terminology. It seems to me that it could take away from the strength of relationships because others inevitably come to realize you’re not truly “with them” when your mind is elsewhere with other goals than to truly connect with the people around you. Relationships are different in families with substance abuse and addiction, and it would totally make sense to me as to why this can be the case given what I’ve just stated. There is also the question of whether or not a person can function properly the next day or any time soon after mind altering substance use, whether or not they are punctual. Should they continue on with life as usual, or attempt to do so soon after substance abuse? Is it safe for surrounding people in their lives? Will being punctual pose dangers to other individuals or property in the event that the user is not fully present in the moment due to substance use?

In the above video clip as well, Slash mentions not having rock ‘n’ roll without drugs. That may be the case, but at the same time it’s interesting that in the first of 10 webcasts between Oprah and Eckhart Tolle about his book A New Earth, he indicates he tried acid one time and admits that his new awareness that he discusses in The Power of Now, and A New Earth, is much better than the experience he found with acid, even though there are similarities. The experience is more “violent” according to Tolle in comparing the acid trip to a natural trip into presence. He states that there is “no room for thinking anymore” as the acid trip magnifies the sense perceptions so strongly. Whereas in the perceptions Tolle describes naturally coming with the dissolving of the ego, they gradually come more clearly over time as opposed to violently and suddenly appearing. There seems to be a difference of force vs. allowing space for things to happen. You can jump right into the plot, or you can set the stage for the show to commence.

What are your thoughts? Would you say that substance use/addiction are ingrained in society? Is it best to try and take control of life? Is it helpful to try and set the stage for what you feel is right, and let things unfold?

Technology: Presence & Time

So I’ve been pondering what to write for a next post.  I was looking at other posts with the daily prompt about use of phones which caught my attention.  They are useful, but they can also control you if you let them because they ring off the hook and people can nowadays text you like there’s no tomorrow.  Texts can be simple like “Dinner’s ready” from a family member to another family member in a different room, or about getting together.  They can be more complicated telling a story of something that recently happened, though that could also be a phone call instead of a text since longer messages aren’t as often sent by text as far as I can tell in my minimal text experience.  It depends though, sometimes that is the case and sometimes it is not.  Either way, technology can take you away from the present moment and into another space, for one reason or another.

This brings me to another pondering, as I’ve recently read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.  Now The Time Traveller within the book travels hundreds of thousands of years into the future.  He views completely different worlds that are nothing like that where we currently reside.  The social hierarchy of creatures is vastly different, being that it seems humans have evolved into two different species somewhat, at least it appears that the Time Traveller interprets these two species as being derived from humans if I read it correctly.  Some might consider such a long way off in the future to be a daring feat for someone to take when trying out a time machine, but is it that big of a deal?  Would it be better to jump 5, 10 or maybe 50 years into the future to see where things have evolved to before jumping elsewhere?  Would it be most useful to see yourself in the future or past when traveling time, or seeing beyond yourself and to look at the world itself?  I’m not sure I have all these answers, but I think it would intrigue me more to see where the world and humanity goes than to see exactly where i end up or where I’ve been.  Some days my opinion might differ, but I’m living in the moment right now as I create this post.

What are your thoughts?

Mission: Purpose?

Who am I? Who do I want to be?  I did write about this kind of, in my last post which happens to have been way off on October 14, 2012.  Sorry about the wait, for any faithful followers I might have.  But even if I have no faithful followers, so be it!  Fortune and fame have their perks; they feed the ego perhaps, allowing more and more gain.  That is, at least until their downfalls, which are seen from some who reach certain levels of fame and fortune.  I’ll let you name examples, should you choose.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking for weeks about writing another blog post.  Christmas holidays seemed like a good time to work on writing one, and I did write.  I wrote a matter of maybe a sentence or two.  But there was a lot going on over the weeks with family and whatnot.  And let me tell you, where I spent the holiday was plenty busier than the place I tend to reside ever gets!  And, being that I’m an introvert, this might surprise you, but I enjoyed it!  However, I had times of uneasiness knowing I’d be asked what I was up to and where I’m going with my life.  It’s kind of To Be Determined, you could say.  I have a few things going on, but I’m not sure that the things that have been happening are what I want to potentially have going on in my life for the next potential 80+ years.  But for that matter, I could potentially have a day or less to live and therefore one year let alone 80 or more would be irrelevant.  Still, thinking of the future is good; I can have goals and have steps to take toward reaching said goals.  No one said I can’t live now, and have a vision for the future.  Even if they did, who am I to just do as what someone else says?  I admire those who don’t, so I can be one of them too, can’t I?  Sure, I respect the concerns of others who care and who want the best for me.  I’m open to other ideas, and maybe they’re right for me or maybe not.  I can try them out, see what happens.  Ultimately I little control over what happens, barring my own effort toward the making or breaking of it.

This reminds me of a line I’ve been told multiple times, that goes something like this:  “You do the natural, God will do the supernatural.”  Whether you call it God, the Divine, the Force, magic (though it’s kind of different than what many people would call magic), or anything else; there seems to be something from beyond that has a way of working things out sometimes.  It’s not really explainable, it just is.  It works with you.  So, let’s just do this.  It may or may not lead to anything or accomplish anything, but it might be the best thing I ever did too, time will tell.  Time is quite powerful, isn’t it?