Treated, Possible Death Penalty

I’ve been hearing reports about the surviving Boston Bomber being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds which include one to his neck that limits his ability to speak.  I find it interesting that in the same reports, they mention he is charged with something that can carry the death penalty.  I guess they need him in reasonable health so he can communicate through legal proceedings, but it seems inconsistent to heal and then put to death an individual, does it not?

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  1. Well, there it goes for you, like Abrach1 stated, it seems like a lot of beaurocracy to do what murderers do anyway. however, there aren’t too many murderers who tell the person they’re going to kill to get a physical, prove they’re healthy and then put a bullet between the eyes.

    Oddly, murderers aren’t as twisted as that, some also don’t put their victim into a small room, tie them up and kill them in front of 20 witnesses, then have a doctor confirm they’re dead.


  2. For the same reason that prisoners on death row are kept under suicide watch. The State will not be denied its due process, and that includes easy shortcuts.

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