People, Differences & The Twelve

Books that inspire the mind, that provoke thought about life and human nature tend to draw my attention.  Such is the case with The Twelve by William Gladstone, which holds important that long talked about date of December 21, 2012.  What happens on that date?  You’ll have to either wait until the reality of the day hits (which will happen before you know it) or read the book to find out where the story leads!  There are some mixed reviews of the book that I’ve seen through  I don’t consider the book to be a thriller that’s full of action and excitement, but liked it for its thought-provoking nature, and its ability to keep my attention and follow along with the plot.  It also gives an interesting portrait of human nature to ponder.

One of the reasons I felt inclined to write about this book is because it raises the topic of differences in human beings, a topic that I ponder fairly frequently.  Max, the protagonist, runs into some interesting circumstances resulting from his post-secondary studies.  He is provoked to question whether he’s got mental health issues, or not after even his own parents appear to side with the doctor who sees Max.  There is some history of mental health issues in his family, so Max is provoked to question if he may actually have something wrong with him.

I’m reminded of a phrase my father often says, “If you believe it, it’s true.”  I feel that this can apply to what I’m hoping to get at through this post.  If you hear things from others about yourself enough, you might just start to question whether they are true!  You might start believing that if a number of people around you are saying something, that maybe it’s got some smidgen of truth to it.  This could provoke you to start to change things about yourself for others, or totally change who you are.

There’s no reason to change who you are or what you’re all about by any means.  I find that environmental changes can have a better psychological effect!  If you’re having difficulty where you are in your life, maybe it has something to do with the environment you’re surrounded by rather than anything else.  I don’t mean that it is best to run from things in life to make everything better, if it sounds that way, because I think that things happen to us so we can build the endurance to handle challenges that will make us stronger.

But we can also learn when enough is enough and we’ve gained what we can from the experience already.  Max seems to have known that certain individuals in his life have to be there for a reason so he endures his search for the twelve individuals.  He keeps their contact information so he is able to be in touch with them when necessary with the knowledge that these individuals have some significance.  I’ve subconsciously known this in the past and made changes to my environment, leading to feeling more at ease and ultimately having a bit of a more positive outlook on life.  It is only upon reflection that I discovered it in a conscious way.  There’s no need to necessarily conform, just to find your niche and make life work for you through that niche.

Max tends to move around now and then for various opportunities.  What others try to do to him never stops him, it only causes him to change gears a little bit and reconsider what he keeps to himself and what he allows of himself to be public.  Changing his environment enables him to see the world and all; but it also enables him to make important discoveries about life, and about himself.

The big thing about Max is his capacity to endure regardless of what anyone says about or does to him in his life.  He always finds ways to do what he wants regardless of anyone else.  Sometimes someone comes to his rescue if he’s in danger.  If something doesn’t work, he moves on to try a different angle to attain the same goal such as earning a living.  If he felt he had to be somewhere else to get what he wants to achieve, he’d go elsewhere!  That reminds me of another phrase my father also says, “Never, ever give up!”  And it’s true, regardless of mental or physical differences: if you keep trying you’ll find a way to get what you need or want in life.

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The author is a recent university graduate, who enjoys reading and writing as well as pondering life and its issues.

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  1. Well, I have to agree with your Dad and John Abootman. That analysis was very good but it started off talking about 12-21-2012 which seems to be a bit confusing as I thought that was the topic.

    Correction: You were talking about the book, I had to double check the title.

    • Yes, the book’s plot discusses that date. First time I’ve found a novel that speaks of the End of Days in 2012; usually books I come across are considered non-fiction and deal with different theories of the End times. I suppose I went off on a bit of a different theme I picked up from the novel and did not focus too much on the actual date. I, however, had the intent of keeping a bit of mystery for people who might want to read the book so they can see what plays out on their own. 🙂 It’s quite a journey…which life itself usually is!

  2. It is both true and logical to say people are drastically affected by those around them and even more so by respected people in their life. If someone you love and trust tells you that you aren’t normal and you have problems, your brain begins to spiral into a deep hole of pessimistic thoughts. You question yourself instead of being internally at peace and in control of the only thing that really matters; yourself. Our reality is only our mind and our perspective. When losing contact with what is right in front of us and dwelling into details brought into the mind from a third party; we can become delusional. This in turn allows the option of manipulation, and or negative thoughts and feelings to enter our subconscious. For those reading this, remember: the ones who love you and respect you are influenced by you. Keep only optimism with you when in rapport with these individuals. By spreading positive outlooks you may even inspire the ones you love and bring them to a level they never knew they could reach. With optimism often comes ambition. Always look on the bright side of life and remember you can look at the glass as half full, or half empty.
    Great article Nickis, keep it up.

    • Awesome comments! I’m reminded of Max’s brother Louis, in the book,who seems to be held back in life by something. His way of thinking seemed to be caught up in the material aspect of life. Specifically, the more selfish way of being with greed and jealousy. The idea that things should be given to him or that others aren’t doing enough or the right things to help him fosters negative thoughts and/or feelings within him. My impression is that he doesn’t seem to try that hard at getting places in life, but instead looks at what he has and wants to keep keep as much of it as he can. Though, his thoughts about it aren’t always that ingenious by any means.

  3. Richard Patrick Wendler

    Well written Magnus…..If you believe it, it it true1 Never ever give up.
    Your insight shows maturity beyond years.
    Love Dad

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